Jadavpur Manthan (Regn. No: S/1L/79589)

51, Central Road, Jadavpur,
West Bengal, India
Phone : +91-9836870168/ 9883110431

About Jadavpur Manthan

Jadavpur Manthan (Regn. No: S/1L/79589) is a budding Theatre group in Kolkata that cherishes the dream of PLAY LIVING through its tireless efforts on and off stage to unfold the colour of life through Theatre.

Jadavpur Manthan was inaugurated in the year 2009, registered officially on 20th April, 2011 by an inspirational initiation of Rajib Bardhan, a Theatre enthusiast. The group started its initial journey by staging short plays, of which “ATOL” and “CHHEDBINDU” requires special mention as these short plays initially added wings to our journey.

We have arranged some workshops on Chhau, Manipuri Dance and their applications to theatre, Thangta etc.

Our full length productions SHUNO MONOSHA KATHA, AAGUN PAKHI, ARDHEK AAKASH and DU CHOKKA PAANCH have been staged in almost every corner of the city and have received acclamation by the audience as well as the critics.

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