Shuno Mansa Katha

Jadavpur Manthan's first grand production Shuno Mansa Katha. Playwright - Rakesh Ghosh. Directed by Rajib Bardhan. The production was first staged on 26th November 2013 at Gyan Manch, Kolkata.




Aagun Pakhi

This is the story of a Muslim woman in India residing in a remote village during independence and partition. The story is a journey of the woman from a daughter to a wife to a mother.


Ardhek Aakash

The play is based on the conjunction of Indian theatre when male actors who used to play female characters started getting obsolete from the stage as women started getting involved in theaters as actors.


Du Chhakka Panch

The play based on the book Du Chhakka Panch by Chandril Bhattacharjee. The whole drama is divided in four acts. The Characters of the play are the sea, the bathroom, a ghost, a snake charmer and his daughter Jyotsna.


Shuno Manasa Katha

This play is the journey of a homosexual boy from a remote village of Bengal. On the wedding day of his childhood-boyfriend he leaves his village out of despair and reaches Sealdah Station.